Rectangular Picnic Tables (with attached benches)

This is our original product, and a time-tested design.

We make these in 4 to 10-foot lengths out of locally-sourced redwood. They're solid, withstand the weather and they're easy to get in and out of for those of us who are a little taller or wider. You have a choice of stains and finishes and an umbrella hole is optional at no extra charge.

How much? There are variables, but for reference, the basic 6-foot table with attached benches starts at $425. Our 8-foot table is $525. Compare that with tables from the big home centers and you'll buy from us. Remember, it's redwood.

redwood picnic table

The basic six-foot picnic table
with attached benches.

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Another view of the basic six-foot table.
Eight-foot tables in this design are made  
with 2 by 6 legs.

redwood picnic table

A "step through" six foot table with attached benches. $695.

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