Rectangular Picnic Tables (with separate benches)

Same great quality, just with benches that are unattached.

We make these in lengths from 3 to 10 feet and recommend two benches per side for tables more than six feet in length. You have a choice of stains and finishes and an umbrella hole is optional at no extra charge.

You really should call for pricing, but the basic six-foot table with two separate benches is $475. End benches are an additional $105 each.
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Basic six-foot table with
separate benches.

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Six-foot trestle table with end benches
Table - $845.
Table and two side benches - $1,225.
End benches, $195 each

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Trestle tables come in a variety of sizes and colors. This one was stained to match the trim of the owners house and made
narrow to fit a tight space.

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An eight-foot table with separate benches made with a three-inch thick top for the table and benches. Additional cost depends on size of table and benches and just how thick the extra top is.

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Ten-foot x-legged table with matching benches made from recycled redwood

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10-foot minimalist table with two five-foot benches per side and two chairs.

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This is a sectional set as it appears when divided into two separate tables. The round table is split down the middle and can be used as ends for the rectangle table.
(See sectional table page)

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7' trestle table with matching trestle benches and two coordinated chairs

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